Continue the work and stay engaged by joining one of our groups. You can make a difference.


Continue the work and stay engaged by joining one of our Working groups.

You can make a difference!

Roll up your sleeves and join our grassroots work. Jump in by reviewing our list of committees and the work they do and then get in touch with the committee chairs below.

Voting: It's more than registering voters.

  • Staff a voter registration table. Contact Donna Dardaris, 518-884-9070.

  • Candidate Forums. Contact Charlotte Druschel, 518-885-8986 or Mary Sue D’Orazio, 845-594-9123.

  • Vote 411, online voting information and print version. Contact Ann Marie Pendergast, 518-788-0928, or Francine Rodger, 518-371-8032.

Advocacy: Getting our voices heard on issues that matter to the League

  • Organizing meetings, presentations and visits to our representatives. Contact Ann Kril, 518-584-1436.

  • Take the lead on studies and consensus meetings. Contact Barbara Thomas, 518- 681-7530.

Youth Programs: We believe in engaging young people

  • Students Inside Albany. Contact Darnell Rohrbaugh, 518-371-2588.

  • Take Me to Vote. Contact Suzanne Bishop, 518-469-6062.

  • First Vote. Contact Marian Bigelow, 518-587-3847.

  • Civics Education, Contact Barbara Thomas, 518-681-7530.

Fund Raising: We put the fun in fund raising

  • Grants, Contact Barbara Thomas, 518- 681-7530 and Elizabeth Rossi, 518-587-4356.

  • Famous Person Fundraiser, Contact Carol Glansberg, 518-210-7743.

Membership: We can't do it without members

  • Retaining and recruiting new members, and our annual member ice cream social, Nancy
    Martinez, 518-281-1185, and Mary Estelle Ryckman, 518-338-2822.

Communications: Keeping in touch with members in meaningful ways

  • Newsletter, social media, emails, website, publicity. Contact Pattie Garrett, 518-496-4973, or Monica Seebode, 518-739-7957.

    • Publicity: Jackie McConnell, 518-744-2129, and Francine Rodger, 518-371-8032.

    • Social Media: Pattie Garrett, 518-496-4973, and Monica Seebode, 518-739-7957.

    • Twitter-Kathy Ceceri, 518-587-7801.

    • Email Alerts: Linda McKinney, 518-229-5695.

    • Website: Chris Alexander, 518-587-7845.

    • Newsletter: Barb Thomas, 518-681-7530.

Centennial Anniversary: 100 years of making democracy work

  • Celebrating our 100th year. Contact Linda McKenney, 518-229-5695.

Interested in getting involved? Send us a note about your interests and we'll help you get started.