League of Women Voters of Saratoga County

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Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.®

supreme courtThe Supreme Court Appointment Represents The Direction of America

With a lifetime appointment, the incoming justice will touch nearly every American's life when the Court hears the next civil, human, and voting rights cases. With a Court that is currently divided five to four on some of country's most pressing issues, the incoming justice will likely cast the deciding vote each and every time. Regardless of the issue – access to healthcare, fair elections, equitable education policy, voting rights – the Court plays a critical role in protecting people's rights when all other institutions fail.

With the gravity of this nomination, the League of Women Voters brings four questions for the nominee: See more ...

Fall Elections Timeline

ballot boxSTATE AND LOCAL PRIMARY DAY ELECTION: Thursday, Sept. 13 from noon - 9 pm

  • Aug. 19  last day to postmark voter registration form  or to register in person to vote in primary
  • Sept. 6  last day to postmark application for absentee ballot for primary election
  • Sept. 12  last day to apply in person for primary absentee ballot
  • Sept. 12 last day to postmark absentee ballot for primary
  • Sept 13  last day to deliver absentee ballot in person to County BOE


  • Oct. 12  last day to  postmark voter registration form or register in person at BOE
  • Oct. 12    last day to change party enrollment for 2018 primaries
  • Oct. 30  last day to postmark application for absentee ballot
  • Nov 5  last day to apply in person for absentee ballot
  • Nov. 5  last day to postmark ballot for general election
  • Nov. 6  last day to deliver absentee ballot in person to BOE

Hands-on work to safeguard democracy

You can be part of a grass roots network of women and men in communities across the country. Here in Saratoga, we are actively involved in making democracy work. We conduct candidate forums, provide voter registration information to local High School seniors, produce an online Voters' Guide, and lobby on many important issues in Albany.

Because your local membership dues also enroll you at the state and national League levels only a small portion of the dues stay here in Saratoga County. We work hard to write grants and raise funds to support our events and activities, so we have been able to keep our dues at the same level for the past four years. Join our vibrant group!

Aside from membership, you can stand with us and support our efforts by making a donation to support our activities.

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