Register to Vote on National Voter Registration Day

Letter to the Editor, Published in the Post Star on 9-20-19

Voting matters. Elected representatives make decisions that affect our daily lives. Elections are our opportunity to stand up for what matters most to us, our families, communities and future.

The League of Women Voters of Saratoga County (LWVSC) encourages all eligible citizens to register and vote. On National Voter Registration Day, Tuesday, Sept. 24, league members will be staffing voter registration tables in more than 30 convenient locations in Saratoga, Warren and Washington counties. This is an opportunity to fill out voter registration forms, get an absentee ballot application, ask questions and find information about voting targeted to specific populations such as college students, and get handouts with the early voting hours and days. The LWV’s website is ready with information for all residents, including the recent changes in voting law, such as early voting. New York state has consistently low voter turnout. We want to reverse that trend. And to do that people need to be registered before Oct. 11.

The League of Women Voters’ mission is to improve access to the ballot and increase voter registration. This year, the league celebrates its 100th anniversary as a nonpartisan organization. We do not, and never have, endorsed or opposed a political candidate or political party. The League of Women Voters hosts Meet the Candidate events and has a voting information website to provide unbiased information on candidates.

Former Washington County resident Susan B. Anthony worked for almost her entire adult life to secure the vote for women but didn’t live long enough to see the 19th Amendment pass. Now, as we get ready to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Susan B. Anthony Amendment, honor Susan by registering and then voting!

Patricia Garrett, Co-President of the League of Women Voters of Saratoga County