It’s more than registering voters.

  • Staff a voter registration table at the farmers’ markets and other community events where you answer questions about voting and register voters. All the material you need is provided including information to answer any question that comes your way. You won’t be alone. We often partner an experienced member with a new member. If you love meeting people, this is for you.

  • Candidate Events are an exciting and important service from the LWV. This is the LWV’s Candidate Debate or Forum. It can be intense at times if you are coordinating candidates, locations and more for each event, but there are also opportunities to just help out for an evening greeting the public, timing, putting up signs, etc. You’ll learn a lot about local politics and get to know the candidates. If you like detail, being in the know, or organizing this may be for you.

  • Online Voter Guides is an LWV service during the fall and school election seasons. It is both an online service, and a print version. This is not a yearlong task but very focused during election seasons. We collect information on local candidates running for office by asking questions and receiving and following up on answers. It’s a very interesting position that requires a little perseverance.


Getting our voice heard on issues that matter to the League

There are many issues that the League is concerned about such as voter protection, the environment, government transparency, fiscal policy, ethics reform, social justice, gun control, women issues, human rights, and education.

  • Organizing. During the course of the year, the League holds events, meetings, and presentations on any number of topics. We need members who are interested in organizing events including finding speakers and locations. Additionally, we need members who will keep track of issues in need of action and alert membership. This requires working with members, keeping abreast of topics and legislation. Will be familiar with League statements and advocacy efforts. Works with Meetup team.

  • Study the issues. At times we conduct studies on a topic where we research all sides of an issue, hold study meetings and reach consensus on a position. It requires conducting research on a topic and must become familiar with the League material and positions.

  • Lobby Day is in April when the League members from across the state come together and learn about issues and visit their State legislators.

  • Meetups are monthly meetings for members to work on issues that they care about. This requires organizing the meetings and ensuring that members’ interests are addressed. Keeping current on the League's positions and statements is important. This requires some organizational skills, a love for advocacy, and working with members.

Youth Programs

We believe in engaging young people.

  • Students Inside Albany is for high school juniors. We sponsor two students to attend a conference with other students around the state. During the four day conference, students learn about the process of public policy, State operations, and how policy is shaped and enacted. They observe legislative sessions and shadow their representatives. This job requires a short period of time during the winter. Students apply to attend through an application. Members of this committee will revise applications, solicit applicants, evaluate student’s applications and help choose two students. If you are looking to make a positive impact on a student’s life without a long term commitments this is the position is for you. It is very rewarding.

  • Take Me To Vote is a program we run for 5th graders. The students have their parents take them to vote and receive a sticker or stamp at the polls. The school with the most students participating gets a plaque and a visit from their state legislator. You work with school administrators and teachers, providing material and information. After the election, you and others will tally up the results and announce the winners. Arrangements for the plaque and visit must be made with the school and legislator. This job needs help around the election cycle with short but busy work periods. If you are familiar with school systems, love awards, and kids, this may be for you.

  • First Vote is a program for high school seniors. It prepares them to register to vote. Primarily, you provide information to the schools and may even be asked to speak. It is an annual job without a lot of pressure. If you are familiar with the school system or just love the idea of getting the youth vote out, this may interest you.

Fund Raising

We put the fun in fund raising.

  • Grants are necessary source of funds. Throughout the year we have activities to raise money used to conduct our programs and to keep the LWV functioning. This includes looking for and applying for grants, for example a grant to pay for our video equipment or to conduct programs on suffragists. This requires a little resourcefulness but grant writing skills are not necessary.

  • Most notable is our Famous Person Fundraiser. We find an actor to portray a famous person who interests us, such as Susan B Anthony. Arrangements are made to have the actor appear, a location is secured, and invitations are designed and mailed out. This job requires several months of work with a committee. It’s fun and requires putting all the pieces together. If you love details and organizing events then consider this position.


We can’t do it without members. 

This committee works to attract new members and retain our current membership.

  • Memberships are renewed annually. This committee conducts the renewal process. They contact members and help facilitate meaningful activities for members. This requires detail and timeliness.

  • New Members are needed. This committee will work to attract new members and ensure that they are involved in ways that interest them. The committee will connect new members with other members and committee. This is perfect for a people person.

  • Annual Membership Meeting otherwise known as Ice Cream Social. Committee members will plan and coordinate this meeting. Its purpose is to welcome and orientate new members to the League. This requires organizational skills and working with people.


Getting in touch with members is important. Getting in touch in meaningful ways is more important.

  • Newsletter is a quarterly letter that focuses on future events, important issues, and past activities. This job requires organization, writing, and some familiarity with the LWV.

  • Social Media includes Facebook and Twitter. Posts and Tweets are made in a timely fashion that gets attention. This requires some knowledge of social media and some familiarity with the LWV.

  • Website is an important online resource for the LWV. This job requires knowledge about websites and the ability to quickly make changes to the site. Must have familiarity with the LWV.

  • Publicity gets the word out on our events and activities. Press releases are developed and sent to media in a timely fashion. Writing skills and knowledge of media resources is necessary.

  • Emails/Mail Chimp is sent to our members on an as needed basis, often several times per month. Requires basic writing skills and knowledge of mail chimp. Interested members can be taught how to use Mail chimp.

  • Video is taken during some events, especially candidate forums. We need people to use the video camera, edit, and post onto YouTube. We will teach you.

Centennial Anniversary

The League is celebrating its 100th anniversary. 

We will be partnering with other organizations to recognize this historic anniversary.  Activities include, presentations, marches, events, and much more.  This requires fun. If you like history, women’s suffrage and fun, this group is for you.

Observer Corp.

Team of League members attend County government meetings to observe how it is run and to make recommendations.  If you like to be in the know, curious, and interested in government, this team needs you.

Interested in getting involved with a committee? Send us a note about your interests and we'll help you get started.