League of Women Voters of Saratoga County

Study Committees for 3 studies

Our local League is studying three NYS League of Women Voters' study topics:

  • Ballot Access (LWVNY)
  • Constitutional Convention (LWVNY)
  • Term Limits (LWVNY)

See below for descriptions of these studies.

  • Ballot Access Study, chaired by Lori Dawson

    This study will broadly examine how candidates get onto the ballot in the general election. It will potentially encompass the primary system, fusion voting, Wilson-Pakula, run-off voting, and other aspects of election law.

    Study Materials: LWVNY Ballot Access Study Materials

    Intro Materials:
  • Term Limits Study co-chaired by Paula Blum and Joan Johnson
    This is a study on term limits for the New York State Legislature and statewide elected officials. The 1992 LWVUS Convention authorized state and local Leagues to use national positions and principles to take action against term limits for state or local office holders. The language adopted by the convention is permissive only; that is, it allows state and local Leagues to apply the national position in opposition to term limits at other levels, but it does not require opposition to term limits at other levels. It does not supersede positions arrived at by study and consensus at the state or local League level that may support term limits for state or local office.

    Study Materials: LWVNY Term Limit Study Materials

    Intro Materials:
  • Constitutional Convention Position Update
    This update will examine the League's position on New York's constitutional convention with an emphasis on the method of delegate selection. Our current position was adopted in 1993. The issue of a constitutional convention will come up again in 2017, when the mandatory every 20 year referendum on the subject appears on the ballot. One of the conditions stated in the position for League support involve specific changes in the current constitutionally mandated way that delegates are selected. It is very unlikely that all these changes will happen because they would have to pass the Legislature initially. There has been some interest expressed both inside and outside the League in supporting a constitutional convention as a way of fixing Albany. Under our current position, in all likelihood we would never be able to support a constitutional convention. This update would be very limited in scope, looking only at the delegate selection portion of the League's position.

    Intro Materials:
    • The Constitutional Convention Question is on the Horizon: Reviewing the League's Position on Delegate Selection (coming soon)

Agriculture Study

New position after study

On May 15, 2014, the LWVUS Board approved the new Position on Federal Agriculture Policies. The position is based on responses from 243 state and local Leagues: Statement of Position on Federal Agriculture Policies as announced by the National Board May 2014.

video iconProgram: Down on the Farm: Issues Facing the Family Farmer Today.

Panel discussion recorded Tuesday, April 23, 2013.



  • American Farmland Trust
  • Farm Service Agency

booksEducation Study

Our league participated in a LWVUS study and consensus regarding the proper role of the Federal Government in Education. In March of 2012, the LWVUS Board approved a new position on the federal role in public education. This position is based on responses received from the 377 Leagues across the country who participated in the Education Study.

Read more about the League of Women Voters' position on the Federal Role in Public Education.

Thank you to all who worked on the study and attended the meetings.

Privatization Study

Our league also participated in a LWV nation-wide consensus study of privatization. The purpose of this study was to identify those parameters and policy issues to be considered in discussing proposals to transfer federal, state or local government services, assets and/or functions to the private sector.

The LWVUS Board approved a new Position on Privatization at its June 2012 meeting.

We thank our study leaders and participating members for their work on this study.