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Issues and Action

red arrowSupport single payer health coverage

The League of Women Voters of New York State supports the legislation (A.4738/S.4840) because even after the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act, 1.65 million New Yorkers will remain uninsured and of those that do have health insurance, many are underinsured. Employer-based health plans that provide coverage through private for-profit insurance companies create a piecemeal coverage system that does not guarantee access to necessary health services. Uninsured and underinsured New Yorkers often forgo necessary health care, which increases their risk of illness and disease. More...

red arrowSubmit comments on new NYS Abortion Regulations

In February, Governor Cuomo announced that the Department of Financial Services would be putting forth regulations that require insurers in New York to cover abortions, and do it with no co-pay. This is an incredible, exciting policy that would help improve access to abortion in New York at a time when our federal government is proposing to restrict that access. However, included in the regulations are broad exemptions for "qualifying religious organizations" like we saw in the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case. The exemption is not required by law in New York and it degrades the separation between church and state. We need your help! The Department of Financial Services is hearing comments on this regulation and you can submit comments telling them what you think.

red arrowJoin one of LWVNY's new Advocacy Groups

Our member Francine Rodger had an amazing idea to create issues-based Google Groups where League members interested in similar advocacy areas could talk to each other via email and monthly conference calls. The groups will be headed by the state office. Join either of the following start-up groups by emailing Jennifer@lwvny.org:

  • General Advocacy Group: headed by Jennifer Wilson and Barbara Bartoletti
  • Education Issues Group: headed by Education Finance Specialist, Marian Bott

red arrowTell the President – Stop making unsubstantiated voting claims

For months, President Trump has made unsubstantiated claims that millions of illegal votes were cast in November. Without proof – he continues to perpetuate that voters crossed state lines to illegally vote in the 2016 election. Today Federal Election Commissioner Ellen L. Weintraub has sent a letter to President Trump insisting the president produce evidence to back up his outlandish claims that millions voted illegally in the 2016 election. Add your name and demand that Trump produce evidence - or put these claims to rest.

red arrowStand with the League to stop voter suppression

Sign our petition to stop voter suppression and join our fight to ensure that elections are always free, fair, and accessible.

We continue to share the message on social media: "I will work with the League to stop voter suppression tactics that threaten our democracy and the right to vote." If you haven't already, please sign and share it!

red arrow10 Ways You Can Help Defend Our Democracy

Looking for ways to make a difference? Check out ten ways to help defend Democracy.

2017 Legislative Agenda

The League of Women Voters is nonpartisan, neither supporting nor opposing candidates for office. At the same time, the League works to influence policy and promote good government through advocacy and grassroots action. The legislative agenda of the League is arrived at through consensus after a thorough study of the issues. Our legislative priorities are reflected in the 2017 Legislative Agenda.

Constitutional Convention: 2017 Ballot Question

On November 7, 2017, voters will go into voting booths throughout New York State and, as they do every 20 years, will face the Constitutionally mandated question, "Shall there be a convention to revise the constitution and amend the same?"

Legislative Action Center

The League of Women Voters encourages the active and informed participation of citizens in their government. Use our legislative action center to find and contact your elected officials, or to send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

Make a Difference!

Become involved in making sure our election system counts every vote.  Help support electoral integrity for the upcoming elections:
  • The League of Women Voters of New York has a Legislative Action Center that helps you contact your elected officials, or sign up for action alerts on important good government issues.
  •  Check your voter registration. If you are already registered, you can look up your voter registration and find your polling place on the New York State Board of Elections website or call the Saratoga County Board of Elections at 885-2249.
  •  Become a poll worker to help protect free and open elections.
  • Join the League of Women Voters.
  •  Become Informed about what’s going on with our election system
    •  League of Women Voters - National and New York State
    •  VOTE411.org - The League’s nonpartisan resource for election and voting information.
    •  Project VoteSmart - Nonpartisan citizens’ organization provides candidate's voting records, campaign finances, performance evaluations by more than 200 liberal and conservative special interest organizations, biographical backgrounds, issue positions and public comments. View the website or contact student researchers on their hotline (1-888-VOTE SMART).
    •  Factcheck.org - Nonpartisan site checks the accuracy of political ads and allegations.
    •  Federal Election Commission - Official site of the government agency that regulates campaign finance.

Local League Positions

The League of Women Voters of Saratoga County has studied a number of local issues, and by consensus has adopted positions on the following issues:

These positions are PDF documents, and require Adobe Reader to view. Click here to download a free version of the Adobe software.

For a brief description of how Saratoga County is governed, read Saratoga County Government Fundamentals.

National League Positions

The LWVUS publication Imact on Issues contains official statements of position for each program area of national concern.